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101 face drug charges after proactive police measures

There are many different types of drug sweeps that police departments initiate. Some are reactive, meaning that some sort of event or suspected crime happened to cause the sweep. Others are proactive. In a proactive drug sweep focused on repeat offenders in one particular Florida county, 101 individuals were arrested and are now facing drug charges.

Over three days, the authorities in Polk County acted on alleged crime tips and trends for an undercover countywide initiative. The sweep was designated “PROCAP,” which means Proactive Community Attack on Problems. The sweep focused on six specific areas of the county, The goal of the sweep was to target repeat drug offenders and offenders on probation.

The authorities served 15 search warrants and seized 45.1 grams of hydrocodone, over two pounds of marijuana and more than 3 ounces of methamphetamine. In total, 325 charges were filed regarding these individuals — 180 felony charges and 145 misdemeanors. Some 92 out of the 101 arrested were said to be repeat offenders. The other nine were apparently on probation at the time they were arrested, and they face additional probation violation charges.

The main problem with proactive drug sweeps such as this one is that it is anticipatory. In these situations, it often seems that the goal is to arrest as many people as possible, and it is likely that some of the drug charges filed will not withstand judicial scrutiny. As each of their criminal processes move forward in a Florida courtroom, each accused individual will likely benefit from ensuring that all of their legal rights are protected at every stage of the proceedings.

Source:, “101 arrested in Polk County drug sweep“, , May 2, 2014