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105 arrested for white collar crimes, false identification

After an investigation into a factory in Collier County, a large number of individuals were arrested on criminal charges. In total, 105 employees were arrested at the Florida factory and accused of committing white collar crimes. The individuals arrested face allegations of providing false identification for employment purposes.

The police began investigating the factory after one employee visited a physician for complaints of a work-related injury. The employee allegedly admitted to using false identification, and he claimed that some of his coworkers may do the same. When the police began looking into the factory, a 146 out of the total 168 employees were investigated.

Out of the 146 individuals, 105 were eventually arrested and taken into police custody. The investigators suspect that 27 of the false identifications were stolen from other Florida residents, and 24 identifications were obtained from deceased persons. The owners of the factory are currently not facing any criminal charges; instead, the officers are focusing their search on how the false identifications were obtained. After this fraud investigation, a customs and immigration investigation will likely take place as well.

All of these individuals are facing serious allegations of white collar crimes. However, proving the charges against 105 different individuals could become difficult for federal prosecutors in Florida. Additionally, all the persons accused of crimes are presumed innocent until — and only if — proven guilty by sufficient evidence. In the meantime, the individuals can begin forming their criminal defenses against the charges in an effort to be fully prepared to defend against any accusations pending against them in the courtroom.

Source:, “105 in custody in Naples insurance fraud raid“, Chloe Morroni, July 16, 2014