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13 begin criminal defense against illegal gambling allegations

After an undercover operation in Miami-Dade, 13 people were arrested under suspicion of illegal gambling. The bust occurred at a South Florida bar in which a large amount of cash, two guns and various drugs were supposedly seized. The 13 face various criminal charges resulting from the bust, and they must now focus on their criminal defense.

The South Florida authorities allegedly investigated the gambling ring for four months after they received numerous complaints about possible illegal gambling at the bar. Over this period, the authorities claim that they engaged in about 24 undercover operations on the bar and its owner, which eventually led to enough evidence for a search warrant. When the authorities executed the bust, they supposedly discovered over $13,000 in cash as well as two handguns. They also purportedly found 5 grams of marijuana, 7 grams of MDMA — known as Molly — and 45 grams of cocaine.

The investigators suspect that poker was the main form of illegal gambling played at the bar. The bar’s owner faces charges for racketeering, narcotics distribution and dealing in stolen property. Thirteen people have been arrested, and the authorities are still looking to arrest three more individuals. The specific charges that these persons face were not made publicly available.

In any case where multiple people are arrested, it can be difficult for the prosecution to obtain sufficient evidence to pin charges against each accused individual. Each individual will now have to focus on the specifics of their criminal charges, and their Florida criminal defense teams will likely scrutinize any evidence that the prosecutors claim to have gathered. Opportunities to challenge certain pieces of evidence may arise, thus strengthening their defenses in regards to each person’s best interest.

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