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3 arrested for drug charges in Florida during spring break party

As more schools go on spring break, more students will likely be arrested for various criminal charges. During this season, Florida police officers are particularly on the lookout for college students who may be partying a little too hard. In one such instance, three students were arrested on drug charges.

The students came to Florida from another state in order to enjoy their spring break at Miramar Beach. At around 2:40 a.m., two resource officers from the school — who were there specifically to help reduce the chaos of spring break — responded to a noise complaint in a hotel. The resource officers claimed that they smelled marijuana in the hotel, and they were allegedly able to track the smell to a second-floor room. The local sheriff’s office also apparently responded and searched the room.

The police officers claim that they found marijuana, pot brownies and cocaine inside the room. One young man was charged with possession of over 20 grams of marijuana, possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia; another man was charged with possession of cocaine. Since they were both under 21 years of age, they were also each charged with possession of alcohol by a minor; an additional suspect received this charge as well. All other occupants of the room were simply evicted.

Even though college spring break is a time where the social norm may be to party, it does not necessarily mean that these students were actually breaking the law. However, since they have been accused of drug charges in Florida, there are certain precautions they must take. The most important of these precautions is to ensure that each of their legal rights are protected during every stage of their individual cases. The outcome of these proceedings, and even the future of each accused student, could well depend upon it.

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