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Actress and ex-boyfriend reach settlement on child support

A child support battle that may interest Florida movie fans and has been continuing for several years finally reached a conclusion on May 30. The agreement calls for actress Halle Berry to pay her ex-boyfriend $16,000 monthly, or about $200,000 annually in child support for their daughter. The actress must also pay the daughter’s future tuition. Health insurance is being split by both parents. In addition to future child support, Berry must also pay $115,000 in retroactive child support costs and the legal fees of $300,000 for the entire custody dispute. The daughter is currently six years old.

The couple had reached some kind of agreement in 2012, but the details were not disclosed at the time. The child support agreement on May 30 does not affect any of the custody agreements that were created in the past. It only affects child support.

How child support is determined can be an important part of a divorce proceeding. Child support agreements will commonly follow custody agreements. The parent with sole or primary custody or who handles most of the costs of providing for the child will receive child support payments from the other spouse. The child support is seen by the court as the way for the other parent to do their part in providing for the child.

The exact amount of child support is determined by the court. The court will examine the expenses related to child including childcare, healthcare and other expenses. The income of both parents is also a strong factor. In the case here, the wealthy parent was determined to pay child support, so she was judged to be able to afford higher payments.

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