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Actress Anna Gunn involved in child support case

In the past, there was a stereotype associated with raising children. Men left for work each day to earn money to provide for their children while women stayed at home and raised them. This stereotype has started to change as many fathers take a much more active role in their household, and more women work outside of the home. As a result, more Florida fathers are requesting, and receiving, child support. These parents may be interested in a case in which actress Anna Gunn’s former husband requested additional support, claiming a change in circumstances.

The couple finalized their divorce in 2009. Papers recently filed in court indicate that they agreed at the time that Gunn would provide child support for a short period of time. Her former husband, Alastair Duncan, has requested further support.

In the papers, he claims that he has had a change of circumstances, leaving him making only $10,000 a month. He claims that Gunn can afford his request. To support this claims, he cites her upcoming television show and Broadway play. Additionally, he asserts that she made approximately $1 million during the last season of her latest television show.

After a divorce, some Florida parents find it difficult to peacefully co-parent their children. However, it is important for both parties to examine what is truly in the best interest of their children. In many cases, child support can ensure that the needs of the children are adequately met. The family courts can step in to make a decision when the two parties are unable to do so on their own.

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