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Assistant superintendent accused of cocaine drug trafficking

An assistant superintendent who has worked for Leon County for nearly 30 years was recently arrested under shocking allegations. The Florida man was pulled over for a traffic stop, and a search of his vehicle using a K9 unit allegedly revealed the presence of drugs. The man was charged with drug trafficking cocaine, as well as other crimes.

The man was reportedly driving a school district Chevrolet truck on Highway 98 when he was pulled over for the traffic stop. It is not clear what prompted the officer to have the K9 sniff the man’s vehicle because the man was tested and did not have any drugs in his system. Nevertheless, the K9 unit searched the man’s vehicle for the presence of narcotics, and the search allegedly yielded a positive result.

The officer claimed to have found and seized drug paraphernalia, over $1,600 in cash and approximately 31 grams of cocaine in the vehicle. The man also allegedly was in possession of eight different types of pills — including Xanax, Oxycodone and Darvocet — all of which were supposedly not prescribed to him. He was charged with trafficking cocaine, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Florida man faces sensational allegations, but no matter what the allegations, he is innocent until, and only if, proven guilty in a court of law. Furthermore, as he begins to form his criminal defense in his drug trafficking case, there seem to be several elements of the investigation that could work in his favor — such as his nearly 30 years of service for the state as well as the fact that no drugs were found in his system. He will surely take any evidence that could strengthen his defense into account as he works to defend against the accusations and protect his legal rights.

Source:, New Details In School Official Arrested On Drug Charges, Julie Montanaro and Lanetra Bennett, March 3, 2014