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Authorities seek man accused of failing to pay child support

Millions of Americans have likely experienced the battle of making ends satisfy over the last decade. Due to the decrease in the economy and decreased task market, lots of people have actually had problem discovering and preserving employment. Regrettably for individuals with children, this is double destruction. Not only does the person need to do without, however the children might be at a disadvantage also. In spite of individual financial difficulties, Florida parents have an obligation to their children, consisting of making court-ordered kid support repayments.

One 37-year-old man has actually obviously been struggling to make kid support payments for a while now. Authorities claim that he owes over $35,000 in such payments. Authorities are now requesting the public’s aid in capturing the man.

Authorities are also urging any individual who is wanted for failure to make repayments to turn him or herself in. Even if an arrest warrant hasn’t been issued for a parent as a result of his or her failure to make repayments, she or he could still deal with consequences. Generally, arrest is used as a last resort. Various other effects could include wage garnishment and loss of state released licenses.

It is certainly understandable that a parent experiencing difficult times might have difficulty satisfying their child support expectations. Nevertheless, there are actions that can be taken that might avoid jail time. For instance, the moms and dad could look for a child support adjustment in a Florida household court. In all these cases, it is incredibly essential to keep the best interests of the child at heart. Many everyone would agree that under regular situations, it is better to have a parent who can actively take part in a child’s life instead of being secured behind bars.

Source:, Deputies look for father implicated of owing $35,000 in child support, Renee Standera, Sept. 30, 2013