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Battery and abuse charges brought against Fort Lauderdale man

There are many circumstances in which a restraining order might be considered a good idea. A spouse may fear harm from a violent and abusive mate. The same might be said for couples who live together. Where children might be involved, the concern can be even greater.

The scope of potential domestic violence is so broad that the law allows victims living in fear to seek protection or restraining orders that can include provisions related to child custody, support and restrictions on visitation. To know what might be most appropriate in a given case, it’s best to consult an attorney first.

A restraining order may be something that a Fort Lauderdale woman should be considering right now. 

According to police, she was the target of an assault by her boyfriend in the apartment that they apparently share.

The official police report on the matter says that officers were called to the apartment last Sunday by the victim. When they arrived, they found the 38-year-old male suspect carrying one small child. They found the purported female victim locked in a bathroom. She had a bloody nose and was holding onto an infant she had given birth to just a few weeks ago.

Police arrested the man and booked him on suspicion of domestic violence battery and aggravated child abuse. They claim the man had struck the woman in the face and kicked her in the stomach in front of the two children.

On Monday, a Broward judge ordered the man held without bond. The suspect’s reaction to the ruling appeared to speak volumes. He reportedly threw up his arms and turned away.

As long as this man remains in custody, he poses no immediate threat. But if he should be released, there may be good reason to worry. Obtaining a protective order would seem to be a wise move.

Source: Sun Sentinel, “Man charged with battery in Lauderdale,” Erika Pesantes, March 18, 2014