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Benefits of collaborative divorce

Florida residents who are considering divorce may wonder about the best way to approach the process. While many people tend to think of divorce as a contentious or stressful process, it does not have to be. When the spouses agree to a collaborative divorce, it may be possible for them to reduce the economic burdens and the emotional impact.

Collaborative divorce requires the spouses to work together with specially trained lawyers and other supportive professionals. Collaborative divorce is not exactly the same as mediation, where the couple works only with a mediator. Instead, the spouses have their own attorneys who sit with the spouses at meetings where all persons involved seek to identify problems and locate solutions. The attorneys agree that both will withdraw if either spouse abandons collaboration in favor of litigation.

How long a collaborative divorce takes depends on the parties. According to one survey, more than half are completed in under nine months. The expense may vary based on the specific situation, but the typical collaborative divorce can cost in some cases two-thirds less than a contentious divorce that goes through litigation. One reason for this difference is that working together can help the parties set realistic expectations. Knowing what to expect often helps the spouses negotiate more effectively and reach agreement sooner.

When the time comes to file for divorce, a family law attorney may be able to help determine whether the case would be a good fit for collaborative divorce. If so, it may be possible to have the attorney review the facts of the case and give an overview of what to expect. If both parties are amenable, the process can commence.

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