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Benefits of mediation

Florida spouses may find it difficult to attempt to get along together when they are embroiled in a divorce. However, mediation can assist with this process so that two individuals can part in a more harmonious manner.

Mediation provides several benefits. One is that it helps individuals keep their drama out of a courtroom. In addition to avoiding the public humiliation of going through intimate details of their marriage, mediation can potentially reduce legal fees that would otherwise be expended on hashing out details in court. Mediation also provides a resource for individuals who are part of certain religions. In some religions, the man must consent to the divorce. Mediation provides an alternative to attempting to shame the man into reaching this decision and also helps individuals who are part of secular communities to communicate on a more amicable level.

Mediation also helps level the playing field. For spouses who struggled with a power imbalance, mediation provides a significantly different environment in which both spouses are on equal footing in the presence of an objective mediator. The process helps to create a safe location for both spouses to voice their independent opinions and encourages the spouses to listen to each other. Another benefit of going through mediation is the ability to tap into more creative options. The court is often very uncreative by providing the same type of property settlement arrangements and visitation schedules. However, these arrangements may not work for all spouses. Mediation allows the spouses to voice their needs and work on an agreement that will serve their individual interests and needs.

Spouses who have decided to get a divorce may decide to go through mediation. This process may be able to help them hash out the major details of their divorce in an amicable fashion.

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