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Ex-husband seeks child support after surrogate gives birth

Social change and advances in technology continue to affect the way families are formed in Florida and throughout the country, and not every state’s laws have caught up with the changes. For example, couples who are unable to give birth to a child together may choose a surrogate to carry the baby. However, as more […]

Man forced to pay double in court-ordered child support

There are many types of parents in Florida. There are parents who are a daily presence in their child’s life. There are also parents who desperately want to have such a presence but can’t due to family conflict or work obligations. Many of these parents work to support their children financially. One out-of-state man claims […]

Children can be emotionally affected by divorce

When a divorce is unavoidable in Florida, fighting over marital possessions — such as the family home or car — is often inevitable, too. However, some of the biggest fights during a divorce take place over the kids. A few tips can help a person to approach a child custody battle from the mindset of […]

Child custody battles can affect the kids emotionally

A divorce can be tough for the parents and just as emotionally difficult for the kids involved. This is because the lives and their worlds of the kids go through a dramatic change that can be hard to fully accept, particularly if they are the subject of a child custody battle. A few tips can […]

On what grounds can a child support order be modified?

Modifying a divorce order — whether it deals with spousal support, child custody or child support — tends to be a complicated matter. For child support, Florida has a legal formula that we call the child support guidelines. The guidelines account for these factors: Both parents’ incomes The number of children to be supported The […]

Man accused of first-degree murder at house party

One man was recently killed in Sarasota, and one man is now in police custody for his supposed involvement. The 19-year-old Florida victim was discovered with a fatal gunshot wound in his chest. Now, a 20-year-old is accused of committing the crime, and he has been formally charged with first-degree murder. According to neighbors, there […]

Florida woman forced to pay child support for her granddaughter

Many grandparents love to dote on their grandchildren. They typically provide unconditional love and emotional support. However, a woman in Florida is questioning whether she should be required by the court to be financially responsible for her granddaughter. She is now seeking reimbursement for child support garnished from her wages. The child at the center […]

Sherri Shepherd victorious in child custody battle over son

People in Florida may be interested to learn that television personality Sherri Shepherd recently won a legal fight with Jeff Tarpley, her ex, over who would get physical custody of their son. Their son is 9 years old. In this out-of-state child custody case, a judge recently ruled that Shepherd would keep physical custody of […]

Family Law Section to File Amicus Brief in Shaw v Shaw

Posted on behalf of Kelley A. Joseph and Law Offices of Kelley A. Joseph, P.A., on July 31, 2014: The Shaw’s are a same-sex couple who were lawfully married in Massachusetts, but now reside in Florida.  In Shaw, the trial judge dismissed the dissolution of marriage petition and refused to divorce the couple as neither […]

105 arrested for white collar crimes, false identification

After an investigation into a factory in Collier County, a large number of individuals were arrested on criminal charges. In total, 105 employees were arrested at the Florida factory and accused of committing white collar crimes. The individuals arrested face allegations of providing false identification for employment purposes. The police began investigating the factory after […]