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Child custody battles can affect the kids emotionally

A divorce can be tough for the parents and just as emotionally difficult for the kids involved. This is because the lives and their worlds of the kids go through a dramatic change that can be hard to fully accept, particularly if they are the subject of a child custody battle. A few tips can help Florida parents who have decided to divorce to break the news to their children as smoothly as possible.

First, it can be helpful to establish ground rules with one’s spouse before sharing the news with the kids. For instance, both parties could agree that they won’t blame each other for the divorce, and they won’t force the children to pick sides. If necessary, the two parents may need to schedule separate talks with the kids if they prefer not to be near each other.

It may also be helpful to block out a minimum of one hour for the conversation. This will give the children plenty of time to react to the news as well as ask questions. However, it’s not wise to have the talk while taking your kids to school or before bedtime, as the news can be distracting and thus interfere with their ability to concentrate on schoolwork or sleep.

Although the divorce process may feel like a battle for parents, the two parties can work together to come up with a mutually agreed-upon parenting plan through child custody negotiations and/or mediation. If they can’t address their problems effectively, a judge will make the final decisions for the family. Just like the parents in most circumstances, a Florida court will focus on the best interests of the child in making the determination.

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