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Child custody can be decided through mediation process

Saying goodbye to a spouse during a Florida divorce may be a freeing experience for someone who felt trapped in the marriage. No longer being able to see one’s child every day following the divorce, however, may be agonizing for an individual. A person may be able to have more control over who gets the kids at certain times by choosing to engage in mediation with a spouse during a divorce proceeding involving child custody.

Many more families are having to send their children between two homes, with many more divorces taking place today. The process can be difficult. Nevertheless, it’s possible for families to agree on appropriate and supportive parenting plans.

A mediator can enable divorcing individuals to set up a plan they both like regarding visitation and child custody. This is essential because it may legally govern the parents’ and children’s lives for a number of years into the future. It’s important to spell out all of one’s concerns during the mediation. It may also be helpful to discuss the matter with a soon-to-be-ex-spouse before the mediation to see if the two can find common ground, thus minimizing conflict during the proceedings.

Mediation is a viable option for individuals in Florida who wish to avoid depending on a judge to determine how child custody will be handled with regard to their family. However, those who want to avoid going to court will have to be willing to make compromises, communicate and be patient with their spouses during mediation. A little give-and-take is necessary in order for both parties to be as satisfied as possible while seeking to hold their children’s best interests above their own.

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