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Lawyers has a very similar goal for the well been of the child, however the laws very states to state from where you resides. These measures were put in place to protect the interests of the child after the divorce of his or her parents has been finalized. The law will give the court the power to decide whether the mother or father or any other legal guardian is best capable of fostering a safe, positive and nurturing avenue for the child to grow.

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There is no  automatic favoritism towards the mothers or fathers, custody laws are put in place to ensure that the child is placed with the parent who is considered by the local Broward court as best key person to provide a save and suitable environment for the child.  Now we do see in most of the time the cases are decided towards, the parent who was the primary caregiver during the marriage is awarded custody of the child after the separation was finalized. Remember child custody also addresses many other factors to  consider for example the child’s financial support  , child visitation rights,  child physical  support and legal custody.

What is the different between Physical Versus Legal Custody

Physical custody is the definition describing to where the child resides, while the parent who has legal guardianship is the parent who is in charge of making decisions in regards to the child’s life. When ever there is a case of joint custody, both parents are legal custodians of the child and a this point most of the time both have the same authority when it comes to deciding for the well been of the child such as the child’s  religious practices, education, medical care or other important matters.

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Certainly income will play a essential factor especially for the non-custodial parent on how much money is needed to properly care for the child .  Many state and county has adopted the guidelines  that was established by the Child Support Enforcement Act of 1984 as a benchmark establishing the amount in proportion to income.

These guidelines also depend on the state in which the child and his or her custodial parent reside, as the cost of living and wages vary significantly from state to state.

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Child Visitation Rights

When the Case is ongoing, the court will make the determination which of the parents will be granted the sole custodianship order that would grant visitation schedule with his or her former spouse.  Normally, the parent who was granted sole custody during the case is ordered to work out a visitation time frame with his or her former spouse and if no agreement can be reached, the court will intervene and create a visitation days and time in order to allow the other party to see his or her child.  There is however some exception to this for example if the non-custodian party has a history of child abuse or neglect, more than likely a supervised child visitation order usually take place so that the child is never left alone with the non- custodial parent.

In Broward  the laws regarding child custody will vary from other county and state considerably.  The court will decide on an case by case which parent will be awarded  child custody.  We specialize in child custody cases and inviting you  for a free consultation to better understanding  how the laws and how it can affect your outcome in achieving custodial of your child.



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