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Child support modification granted after Beyonce fires her father

There are many types of parents in the world. Many would argue that the vast majority of parents are loving and want to be involved in their child’s life while providing financial support for them. However, despite a parent’s desire to provide such support, sometimes situations beyond their control prevent them from doing so in the manner they would prefer. When a Florida parent finds it difficult to make court-ordered child support payments in such situations, they have the option of requesting a child support modification in family court.

The father of famous singer Beyonce has recently done so for a child he fathered while still married to his former wife. Court records indicate that the man had originally been ordered to pay $12,000 a month to support his child. However, he claims that, since he was fired as the singer’s manager in 2011, he is no longer able to afford such high payments.

The judge in the case ultimately agreed with him. His child support payments were changed to approximately $2,500 a month. He will, however, also have to pay almost $15,000 to cover the legal fees of the child’s mother.

It may be tempting for some in Florida to simply stop making payments when they encounter difficult times, such as a loss of job or illness. However, failure to make payments could result in serious consequences that include loss of a driver’s license and/or possible imprisonment, not to mention to potential effects on the child. Instead of failing to meet payments, a person who has experienced a substantial change in circumstance can request a child support modification. By doing so, the best interests of the child can likely still be preserved while maintaining a healthy relationship with both the child and the court.

Source: Houston Chronicle, Beyonce’s father granted cut in child support, No author, March 5, 2014