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Child support obligation decreases for father of Beyonce

In Florida and elsewhere, Beyonce is a household name: Fans enjoy her music and follow the events of her life. One major recent event involving the star’s father is a child support battle between him and the mom of his child. Her father, Mathew Knowles, is now breathing a sigh of release following a recent court decision.

The situation has dragged on for several months now. Knowles once was a millionaire, as he was in charge of Beyonce’s group, Destiny’s Child. However, his income has since dropped. In 2013, he was told to pay his son’s mom $12,000 per month. That figure dropped to a little bit under $2,500 a month when Knowles claimed that his earnings had plummeted.

The boy’s mother had accused Knowles of being delinquent in his child support. However, Knowles argued that he really shouldn’t have been paying $12,000 a month at all. Rather, he should have paid the lower amount the entire time, he said. The judge recently sided with him, saying that he indeed had been overpaying.

The judge thus gave Knowles credit for overpaying a whopping $110,000, and as a result, he won’t owe the mother of his 3-year-old child any money during the next three and a half years. The woman current receives food stamps totaling a few hundred dollars each month. Child support can be a source of dissension between two parents in Florida. However, a judge typically decides what the final child support amount will be, taking into consideration a variety of factors. The issue may be revisited if and when a substantial change in financial circumstances occurs.

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