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Children can be emotionally affected by divorce

When a divorce is unavoidable in Florida, fighting over marital possessions — such as the family home or car — is often inevitable, too. However, some of the biggest fights during a divorce take place over the kids. A few tips can help a person to approach a child custody battle from the mindset of the children.

If the other party seems to be intent on going to war over the children, it may be wise to warn the soon-to-be ex that the kids could have to suffer through months of uncertainty and anxiety regarding which parent will end up having custody of them. The children may also worry about whether they will still be able to maintain the relationships they desire with both of their parents as well as with their siblings. This can negatively impact the children’s quality of life.

Furthermore, the children might end up having to be questioned by court personnel or mental health specialists during the child custody battle. This may result in their feeling pressured to remain loyal to each parent, thus causing confusion and conflict. As part of their interviews with these professionals, the children may have to open up about personal matters such as their frailties and fears, which might be even more uncomfortable for them.

Following a divorce, both parents typically have an equal right to gain custody of the kids. The judge in Florida, however, has to decide who will ultimately get custody based on the individual case. The judge will always make a decision based on what is in the best interests of the children while focusing on both the children’s and parents’ desires.

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