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Conflict during divorce may be harmful to kids

It’s easy for people who are getting divorced to be so caught up in their own emotions that they neglect to pay attention to how their children feel. Divorce can be challenging for everyone in the family, especially when two parents disagree about who gets to keep certain assets or gets custody of their children. A few tips may help divorcing individuals in Florida to approach a divorce proceeding with the interests of the kids foremost in their minds.

First, it helps to work as amicably as possible with the other parent when it comes to co-parenting. Rather than looking at the other party as an undesirable ex, it may help to view the person as a mere business partner. Also, rather than venting about an ex to one’s kids, it’s wiser to share one’s feelings with a friend instead. It’s wise to always put the children’s feelings first.

In addition, it’s helpful to keep parenting rules as consistent as possible between both households. In this way, the children won’t take advantage of the parents’ unwillingness to communicate. It’s also advantageous to remember that using one’s kids as pawns in an effort to win the “game” of divorce can be emotionally harmful to the kids.

Managing conflicts concerning custody, visitation and property distribution may have a dramatic impact on how one’s kids rebound from a divorce situation in Florida. Those who wish to avoid litigation may opt to use the process of mediation to achieve their goals when dissolving a marriage. If the two sides can agree on how to address the major points of contention during the divorce, they increase their chances of arriving at an outcome that benefits the entire family long-term without further court intrusion.

Source: The Huffington Post, “11 Things All Divorced Parents Need To Hear“, Brittany Wong, May 21, 2014