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Conscious uncoupling takes center stage in Paltrow divorce

Marriage and divorce are simply facts of life for some Florida residents. The only major difference is the process that is used. Some couples want the big, fancy wedding; others want a small, intimate affair. Some couples appear to want a long, drawn-out divorce filled with drama and beauty shop gossip; others want a simple agreement and parting of ways. The term conscious uncoupling has recently taken center stage in the divorce discussion.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin have recently separated and have described their impending divorce as a conscious uncoupling. This process is based upon the idea that the couple can work together in a collaborative manner to end their marriage. Together they can make the decisions regarding assets division, child custody and other relevant issues.

The idea behind conscious uncoupling is not a new one. This is a process that keeps the family in mind. While the relationship of husband and wife is coming to an end, the relationship of mother and father are not ending. There are often children who must be taken into consideration. Rather then entering this new phase of life as enemies, the couple is ending their marriage relationship but still maintaining the family relationship as far as the children are concerned.

A Florida couple’s decision to divorce is often made after much deliberation and thought. Although there may be many items upon which they disagree, they can often agree that they want what is best for their children. With the assistance of experts in this area, these couples are often able to work toward a divorce agreement that will leave the family relationship intact.

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