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Controversial film takes on subject of alimony reform in Florida

The debate over whether or not alimony laws should undergo reform is alive in the state of Florida. This past year, alimony reform supporters came close with a bill that passed in the House and the Senate but was vetoed last minute by Gov. Rick Scott. Although no new bill has yet to be filed for consideration in 2014, supporters continue to advocate for reform.

“We’re trying to educate people that reform is absolutely necessary,” said the president of a nonprofit group called Family Law Reform. Part of this education includes a controversial film called “Divorce Corp.” The film recently debuted in one Tallahassee theater with 100 people in attendance.

The theater owner said that the film has had mixed success. “Of the 10 [films] I’ve had, it wasn’t the highest grossing and it wasn’t the lowest grossing,” he said.

The mixed success of the film only mirrors that of the overall response to alimony reform. There are those who argue that it is absolutely necessary, because the current laws harm those that are forced to pay permanent alimony. There are those that argue against reform, because doing so would harm those that depend on receiving these permanent alimony payments. Then, there are those that say the laws just need a little tweaking.

Personal opinions about alimony reform vary from adamant opposition to unyielding support and everything in between. This shouldn’t be a huge surprise; just as opinions vary so do the circumstances of each individual divorce case.

Everyone that files for divorce must do so under the laws that are currently in place. Although current permanent alimony provisions are the basis for reform discussions, permanent alimony isn’t granted in every divorce. Alimony is determined on a case-by-case basis, which is why protecting your legal rights with the experienced advocacy of a Florida family law attorney is so important to the outcome of a divorce settlement.

Source: Bradenton Herald, “Florida alimony reform supporters rally around documentary film,” Kathleen McGrory, Jan. 22, 2014