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Divorce rate in Florida may be increasing due to better economy

Every dark cloud has a silver lining. For instance, even when a person is going through a difficult divorce, he or she can look forward to reclaiming his or her freedom and being independent once again in Florida. Likewise, the fact that the number of divorces in America has been on the rise may point to a seemingly negative trend, but it also might be a sign of something positive — the economy appears to be getting better.

Some people refuse to get divorced because economic times are tough and they simply can’t afford to weather the storm financially. However, when the economy improves, individuals feel more confident about splitting with their spouses and moving on to claim new jobs and new homes. The number of people who filed for divorce actually increased for the third consecutive year in 2012.

The number of divorces, on the contrary, dropped during the recent recession. In fact, in 2009, divorces were at their lowest rate in 40 years. Divorces actually have a positive effect on the economy, as it often forces more people to join the workforce and leads to the development of new households that require goods and services.

The thought of getting a divorce may seem overwhelming because the process is multi-faceted and can spark a plethora of emotions, ranging from sorrow to anger. What makes the process harder is if the two divorcing individuals cannot agree on how to split assets and divide marital property. In such a case, a judge will make the final decisions for them in Florida. Nevertheless, it is within both parties’ rights to pursue their best interests so that they can achieve a positive outcome and move forward with their new lives.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Worsening divorce rate points to improving economic outlook, Steve Matthews, Feb. 22, 2014