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Divorce versus health insurance — no longer a significant factor

Throughout one’s lifetime, many important decisions must be made. The decision regarding where to live, where to work, whom to marry and even when to have children are often important things that each person in Florida must consider at some point. Some decisions are more important than others. Recent changes in available health insurance appear to be altering the decision as to whether an individual must remain married in order to receive health insurance. As health insurance appears to be more accessible, the need to stay unhappily married rather than seek a divorce appears to be dwindling.

Typically, a family’s health insurance is provided by one of the spouse’s employers. In the event of a divorce, the other spouse would be required to seek insurance through his or her employer or through COBRA. If this individual was not employed, this could be a serious financial consideration.

Additionally, previous insurance programs had pre-existing condition clauses. With Florida’s aging population, the likelihood of an individual finding employment with insurance benefits, who has been out of the job market for an extended period of time or who suffers from a serious pre-existing condition, is not guaranteed. These circumstances were often given significant consideration in the decision to divorce and in the terms of divorce agreements.

Now that more insurance options are available to Florida residents, the possibility of ending an unhappy marriage is more financially feasible. Rather than having to decide between divorce or health insurance, it is possible for the individual to have both. If health insurance is a concern, researching available options and discussing these concerns as a part of the divorce process would be a good idea.

Source:, Insurance no longer may hinder divorce, Robert Calandra, March 3, 2014