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DJ Funkmaster Flex enters child support dispute with ex

MTV’s DJ Funkmaster Flex has recently become involved in a child support dispute with his ex-girlfriend. The hip-hop DJ argues that a $1,000 per month increase in his child support obligation in order to pay for his 12-year-old is inappropriate. Debates over child support obligations like this are common in Fort Lauderdale and the rest of the nation.

Originally, the DJ’s child support payment was set at $4,000 per month in 2003. This was based on his former salary of $245,000. Now, he is earning approximately $373,000 per year.

The man’s ex-girlfriend cited various expenses to support her request for an increase in payments. Namely, she said she needs the money to pay for her son’s private school expenses, language tutoring, summer camp and swim team. However, DJ Funkmaster Flex responded that no entitlement provides that he must pay for things such as exorbitant summer camp expenses that cost $8,000. His response also said that other expenses, like swim team, are not a need.

The debate over how much a particular Fort Lauderdale parent must spend for child support is often a difficult one. While many parents are able to reach agreement quickly, others will battle over the issue without agreement. Ultimately, if no agreement can be reached out of court, one must leave the decision in the hands of a judge. This can be risky, since the decision is now essentially out of one’s control. However, a court is likely to reach a decision that is balanced and equitable for all parties involved, including the child for whose benefit the child support payments are made.

Source: New York Post, DJ Funkmaster Flex battles ex over child support, Julia Marsh, Jan. 21, 2014