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Domestic violence and restraining orders, part 1: basic vocabulary

We haven’t concentrated a large amount on domestic violence in this blog site. There is no question, nevertheless, that circumstances of domestic physical violence impact numerous marriages and play a function in lots of divorces.

There are likewise unquestionably a troubling number of cases where females are eliminated by men who were their intimate partners or former intimate partners.

Those cases, however, must not be be the lens through which all domestic physical violence issues are seen. After all, there are likewise cases in which a party to a marital relationship may make incorrect allegations of domestic physical violence in order to get take advantage of in kid custody disputes or for some other reason.

In this post, we will certainly talk about some of the basic step-by-step aspects including injunctions and restraining orders in domestic violence cases.

Let’s beginning with the fundamental principle of an injunction. An injunction is a court order directing somebody to take or not take particular actions. In the context of domestic violence, such orders can be called several different things. They can also take numerous kinds, depending upon the state you reside in.

Some of the other common terms, besides injunction, are:

  • No-contact order
  • Limiting order
  • Protective order
  • Stay-away order

Terms like these are all carefully related, and in some cases synonymous, in meaning. Our point in this post, however, is that such terms are all examples of injunctions.

In Florida, the courts identify in between four different kinds of civil injunctions in domestic cases. Domestic physical violence is only one of those. The various other three are sexual violence, repeat violence and dating physical violence.

In part two of this post, we will certainly go over the applicability of such injunctions to separation cases in Florida.

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