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Domestic violence and sexual assault are common in the U.S.

A new study has actually found that sexual attack and domestic violence are commonplace in Florida and throughout America, however few people are discussing it. Scientist surveyed about 300 teenagers and around 1000 grownups. Extrapolating from the outcomes compared with overall population data, they approximate that over 54 million Americans have been subjected to domestic physical violence and over 30 million have survived sexual attack

Ladies suffered one of the most. One in 5 ladies had experienced sexual attack and one in 3 had been a victim of domestic physical violence. Remarkably, even more than a quarter of the guys interviewed said that an intimate partner had raped, stalked or beaten them.

The outcomes of the study show that although majority of the participants said they understood victims of domestic physical violence or sexual assault, a lot of had actually not discussed the issue with pals. More than half of the victims who had told someone about the violence showed that nobody helped them.

Analysts say that sufferers have the tendency to continue to be silent due to the fact that they feel embarrassed or afraid. Many are also worried about the preconception of being a sufferer. Only 17 percent of guys said they had spoken to friends about domestic or sexual physical violence.

In Florida, domestic violence is defined as any undesirable physical contact in between two individuals in an intimate relationship. It puts on married and single couples, in addition to parents and children. Accusations of domestic violence are common in separation proceedings in Florida. If the victim feels there is any threat, an attorney familiar with domestic physical violence could be able to obtain a restraining order to safeguard the victim from more physical violence.

Source: CBS News, “Research discovers sexual and domestic physical violence widespread, mainly undiscussed“, Alexander Trowbridge, September 23, 2013