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Domestic violence charge leads to officer’s arrest

First, there is suspicion which leads to some sort of investigation by the suspicious party. This is then usually followed by accusations. When one spouse believes that the other has been unfaithful, trust is lost and the arguments usually begin. Such a scenario has resulted in one Florida police officer being arrested on domestic violence charges.

Media reports state that the officer’s wife became suspicious that her husband was having an affair. Apparently, she confronted him with her suspicions, and an intense argument ensued. The officer was first issued an injunction one evening and then arrested for domestic violence the next morning.

When last reported by the media, the police officer, a 36-year-old man, was being held without bond. He has been employed with his current department since 2011 and is now on leave awaiting the outcome of an internal and criminal investigation. His continued employment in this field most likely hinges on the outcome of this investigation.

Domestic violence is a problem that can affect those the average person would consider the least likely. When tempers flair and accusations begin to fly, things can quickly escalate and get out of control. While it is best to walk away and discuss the situation once both parties have calmed down, this does not always happen.

Domestic violence charges in Florida can impact an individual’s entire life and may also affect the outcome of divorce proceedings. For the individual charged, it can result in criminal prosecution and repercussions throughout all parts of that individual’s life. Discussing the situation with individuals who are knowledgeable of upcoming details and who can properly analyze and investigate the situation may be in the individual’s best interest.

Source:, “St. Cloud officer arrested on domestic violence charges after alleged argument with wife“, , March 29, 2014