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ER nurse arrested for prescription drug charges

Sometimes when police officers suspect that a person is selling illegal drugs, the officers will set up a controlled buy. However, despite the results of the operation, the person allegedly selling the drugs is innocent until — and only if — proven guilty in court. A man who works as both a firefighter and part-time emergency room nurse has recently been arrested in Florida on drug charges for allegedly possessing and selling prescription drugs.

The Narcotics Division of Pinellas County began investigating the man on July 11 after receiving a tip. The tip claimed that the man was selling prescription drugs in the parking lot of the hospital where he worked as an ER nurse. Later the same day, an officer supposedly went undercover in order to initiate a controlled buy from the man.

The man was purportedly in possession of a total of eight different kinds of pills including xanax, oxycontin and morphine. Exactly how the man supposedly acquired so much medication is unknown at this time. The controlled buy allegedly provided the authorities with enough probable cause for an arrest warrant, and the man was taken into custody the next day. He faces eight counts of possession of a controlled substance and eight counts of sale of a controlled substance, totaling 16 charges.

Even though the man faces many drug charges, it will be up to the Florida prosecution to sufficiently prove each the charges in order to obtain convictions. In the meantime, he would likely do well to take all necessary measures to ensure that his legal rights are safeguarded throughout the process. He might also have the option to negotiate a plea deal if he feels this would be more beneficial in his specific case.

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