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Failure to pay child support could result in jail time

The majority of people would say that kids require both parents in their life for emotional and financial backing if at all possible. Sadly, there are often reasons that prevent a parent from being involved in the everyday lives of their children. In these situations, it is crucial that the noncustodial parent offer court-ordered child support. If a moms and dad fails to offer such support, a Florida court can get prison time or other punishments.

In a current case, one man will get prison time if he ongoings to miss out on child support repayments. According to the judge, a father will need to serve three months in jail if he does not ongoing to make payments while paying off back payments. As it is, the man has actually been put on 2 years of probation.

According to court reports, the man owed over $30,000 in back repayments. He has actually paid around $11,000 of that in the in 2012, with a few of that was due to funds seized by the state. The mother of the kids shows the two kids, one of whom has leukemia, have actually experienced considerable hardships due to the lack of support from their dad.

While it is hard to know all the information surrounding the case, the need to have, at the minimum, the financial backing of both parents is relatively apparent. Unfortunately, it is simple to fall behind in repayments due to extreme conditions such as the loss of a job or a health problem. For Florida parents who are purchased to make kid support repayments however find themselves unable to due to extenuating situations, merely failing to make repayments could just create extra complication and difficulty. Failure to make repayments might lead to loss of license, wage garnishment or imprisonment. Nevertheless, if brought up in court, lots of judges will take such circumstances into consideration and grant a kid support modification.

Source: The Daily Press reporter, Kid support case might bring prison time, Don Reid, Sept. 20, 2013