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Family law divorce proceeding may be in Kanye and Kim’s future

Although newlyweds typically don’t like to think about the possibility of divorce in Florida, the truth is that divorce may happen at any moment if either party acknowledges a desire to quit the marriage. When this happens, the couple must sort through matters involving the splitting of their shared assets and property in addition to dealing with their emotions during this type of family law proceeding. One high-profile couple that recently got married are expected to get divorced in the future, based on celebrity relationship studies.

These studies indicate that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have a high likelihood of getting divorced. First, celebrities have a greater chance of getting divorced than do people who aren’t famous, partly because these stars are frequently apart for long periods. In addition, being away from one’s partner may make an individual more inclined to cheat on his or her spouse, which can have a negative impact on the marital relationship.

Furthermore, West and Kardashian’s marriage may not last based on studies showing that those who’ve previously divorced are more apt to get divorced in the future. Kardashian is particularly at risk since she has already been divorced two times. Also, those with family members or friends who’ve gotten divorced have a 75 percent greater chance of getting divorced as well; and several close Kardashian family members and friends have divorced.

When two people decide to go through a family law divorce proceeding, having a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can help the split to be as seamless and amicable as possible. This is because the agreement can explain how assets will be divided, per both individuals’ wishes. A couple who is lacking such an agreement may still negotiate on these issues; doing so can prevent them from having to involve a judge in their divorce settlement in Florida.

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