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Family law proceeding of divorce tied to blood pressure issues

Those who are going through divorce in Florida are likely well aware that the proceeding can impact them emotionally and financially. However, research shows that this type of family law proceeding can also hurt a person physically if they are suffering from a lack of sleep. Failure to get adequate sleep may actually lead to problems with high blood pressure long-term.

As part of a recent study, researchers looked at nearly 140 individuals who had already been divorced or separated for about four months. The individuals provided reports on how well they were sleeping, and researchers additionally kept track of the participants’ blood pressure during a seven-month period. It was discovered that when sleep problems persisted, the participants’ blood pressure slowly increased over a period of time.

It’s normal to have trouble sleeping for a few months following one’s divorce or separation. If the issue continues for a longer period, however, this is a sign that the person might be becoming depressed. Sleep is extremely important for people who are under stress because it helps to boost one’s immune system and fight depression and anxiety. It also helps a person to keep his or her weight healthy, in addition to preventing diabetes.

Having a prenuptial agreement can help to prevent much of the anxiety associated with bickering over marital assets during a divorce. However, if the parties do not have one, they can still work to negotiate the equitable division of their property, thus improving their chances of feeling more in control of the matter. It is within the rights of both parties to seek a favorable outcome that protects their own financial and individual interests during this type of family law proceeding in Florida.

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