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Father for child custody of daughter placed for adoption

It is simple to find a tale about a father who wishes to shirk his adult duties. There are various celebrities and other parents labeled as deadbeats for failure to pay child support. However, these stories ignore the fathers who are desperate to earn child custody of their kid, however are incapable to do so. Young dads in Florida who would like to take a larger duty in their kid’s life are likely following the story of a boy who declares his kid was adopted without his expertise or permission, prior to he even had a chance to satisfy her.

After the dad at the center of the case ended his romantic relationship with a previous girlfriend, she notified him that she was pregnant with his child. However, according to his cases, when he inquired about her and the child’s health later, she informed him that she had actually aborted the pregnancy. It was not until a month after the infant was born that he learned from a friend that she had, in truth, brought to life the infant and put the baby for adoption.

According to files he filed with the court, the mom declared her brand-new partner was the father and together they consented to the adoption. A DNA later verified the first boyfriend’s paternity. He decided to declare sole custody of the little girl that he has never fulfilled. While he has a court date arranged for November, he has actually been rejected custody, and even visitation, in the meantime.

Anybody can have compassion with the taken on moms and dads in this case who stand to lose custody of a kid they have actually likely bonded with and love as their own. Nevertheless, it is likewise unfair to deny custody to a biological father who had no input into the fate of his child and likely an offense of his rights. Just like the dad in this case, any fathers in Florida who feel they have actually been unfairly stripped of their adult rights have the choice of defending child custody in a Florida court room.

Source:, Father struggling for custody of his little girl, Duane Pohlman, Aug. 23, 2013