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Florida group pushes to reform alimony laws

In certain types of Florida divorce proceedings, one spouse may be asked to pay alimony payments to the other spouse. This is usually the case in situations where one spouse earns more income or is more affluent than the other. In such situations, courts seek to prevent one spouse from suffering a significant loss in quality of life following a divorce. Indeed, alimony is the solution that seeks to eliminate this problem for a stipulated period of time.

There is a great deal of disagreement and debate over Florida’s current alimony laws, and one nonprofit group is seeking to make some changes. The nonprofit group, known as Family Law Reform, has been advocating for revisions, saying that reforms are absolutely necessary. The group says that Florida residents are getting injured by the current system, as it is, and something must be done to change it.

One piece of legislation proposed in 2013, for example, tried to end permanent alimony — i.e., situations in which one spouse is required to pay alimony to the other spouse until he or she dies. This controversial bill, which is intended to put caps on alimony payments, passed the House and the Senate in Florida. However, Gov. Rick Scott ultimately chose to veto the bill.

In order to renew its efforts for change, the Family Law Reform is currently promoting a documentary film to bring attention to its cause. While there is a great deal of disagreement over the necessity of alimony reform, Florida law currently seeks to promote fair and just solutions in every divorce proceeding. Indeed, these laws can be used to one’s advantage in court in order to protect one’s rights and to ensure that both sides will be treated fairly and with decency and respect.

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