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Florida legislators consider family law reform

Lawmakers in the Florida state legislature are interacting to craft a bill that would implement some major modifications to state family law. The main focus is to reform spousal support repayments, which are presently paid for life or till a previous spouse re-marries. The proposition would alter that standard and offer other criteria that influence the quantity and period of spousal support payments. For example, there can be a choice to lower spousal support repayments when the paying partner retires.

The proposed costs likewise includes some arrangements that would influence kid custody and support laws in Florida. One questionable modification is to develop a default arrangement of kid custody that is spilt 50/50 in between the 2 moms and dads. This provision was consisted of in an earlier variation of the costs that was banned by Guv Rick Scott.

A representative from the Family Law area of the Florida State Bar says that the team would most likely not back this proposal for the 2nd variation of the expense. She said that splitting custody 50/50 between parents might have many other consequences besides providing fathers more parenting time. For instance, it may influence a lesser-earning partner’s capability to gather appropriate kid support. It could also subject children to a chaotic living scenario if they are moving in between houses frequently, especially if moms and dads live far away from each other. Such a provision can also magnify custody battles according to some experts.

Exactly what do you think – is reforming Florida child custody laws a great idea? Or are the present default laws serving Florida’s children and families well?

Source: Sun Sentinel, “Alimony reform proponents retooling legislation,” Kathleen Haughney, Sept. 15, 2013.