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Florida man accused of failure to pay child support

Many Americans have struggled due to the economy over the course of the last several years. People have lost jobs or taken pay cuts as a result of the economic instability. However, when there are young children involved, it is important for parents, even in the face of financial uncertainty, to take steps to ensure their children are taken care of. For those who find themselves unable to make court-ordered child support payments, it is important to address their troubles with the court in order to avoid additional consequences. One Florida man has recently found himself in court, accused of failing to make such payments.

Court documents claim that the man was initially ordered to make child support payments beginning in 2002. He was expected to pay $115 each week for his two children. Unfortunately, he apparently fell far behind in his payments.

According to the court, the man owed over $25,000 in child support as of 2010. He was recently arrested in late Dec. 2013. The court ordered that he serve 72 months of probation — two years for each child.

Most judges are aware that some people go through hard times and may become unable to make court-ordered child support payments. However, if a Florida parent simply fails to make such payments, they could face a range of consequences, including loss of a driver’s license or jail time. If someone feels they are unable to make such payments due to a change in circumstances, addressing those concerns with the court may have a better outcome than failing to make payments with no explanation. As in all cases, it is important to realize that each case centers around the best interests of the child — a child that could be severely impacted if not adequately supported.

Source: Beatrice Daily Sun, Ostergard sentenced for unpaid child support, No author, Jan. 10, 2014