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Florida man arrested for DUI after allegedly found asleep in car

During the daily commute, it is not unusual to get stuck behind a hesitant driver who fails to move quickly through an intersection. Waiting at a stop light while opposing traffic progresses is subject to many possible distractions, which may prevent drivers from acknowledging changing light signals right away. In Florida, a drunk driver may have held up traffic for several minutes after he allegedly passed out in his car at an intersection near Courtland Boulevard, before then being arrested for DUI.

The arrest took place after police apparently noticed a vehicle sitting at an intersection for approximately fifteen minutes. When they approached the running vehicle, they claimed to have discovered a 36-year-old male passed out in the driver seat. According to the officers, they tried to wake the man up by knocking on the windows, but the man remained unresponsive for at least ten minutes. With the vehicle still running, officers could only assume that the car was also in drive; so the deputies resorted to breaking the rear passenger window to unlock the door and secure the vehicle before the man could lift his foot from the brake pedal.

After the driver awoke, officers questioned him regarding the incident. The man claimed that he hadn’t drunk since the night before. The man was arrested after he failed to complete field sobriety tests and had a reported blood alcohol level of 0.173. He was booked at a local jail and will face charges for driving under the influence.

Drinking and driving in Florida is a criminal offense. If convicted, individuals arrested for DUI could be required to pay hefty fines or serve jail time. Being arrested for driving under the influence does not automatically result in a conviction, however. The driver in this incident and others who face similar charges have the right to present a strong defense if they so desire. Alternatively, accused individuals may decide to negotiate a plea to reduce penalties associated with a potential conviction, especially if they have prior convictions in their history.

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