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Florida man encounters setback in child custody fight

The news and television shows seem to be filled with deadbeat dads. They portray a struggling woman who has difficulty supporting her children because the father of her children refuses to make child support payments or have any sort of role in their child’s life. Fortunately, many fathers want nothing more than to play a starring role in their child’s life. For example, one man in Florida has fought for child custody of his daughter for approximately four years.

The man claims that he is being unfairly denied child custody after his daughter was placed for adoption without his knowledge. The man was apparently in jail, accused of assault, when the girl was born in April 2010. When the charges were eventually dropped and he was released from jail, he claims he was surprised to learn that his wife had placed his daughter for adoption. He discovered that his daughter was living out of state with parents who were working to adopt her.

He argues that the adoption was illegal as it was conducted without his consent and has since fought a four-year battle to obtain custody of his daughter, who he has never met. The adoption agency, who he is also suing, claims it sent him several notifications while he was imprisoned to which he never responded. A judge in Florida recently ruled against him and severed his parental rights. The father, however, apparently views this ruling as only a setback as he has announced his intention to appeal the ruling.

Adoption is a wonderful option for many people in Florida and across the country. However, it is important that the rights of both parents are preserved throughout the process. It is important that the best interests of the child be preserved; however, it is also important to realize that awarding child custody to a dedicated biological father could also be in a child’s best interest.

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