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Florida woman accused of $650,000 embezzlement scheme

A woman was recently arrested under suspicion of running an elaborate white collar crime scheme. The Florida woman is accused of embezzlement. Allegedly, she took roughly $650,000 from her former employer and using it for lavish personal gain. Understandably, the 32-year-old faces serious criminal charges.

The woman apparently worked for a heart care facility in Titusville as an office manager. She was supposedly in charge of marketing, business development and financial management. She reportedly was good at her job and increased the business’s revenue and operating profits substantially while she worked there. The investigation into her alleged embezzlement supposedly started after her employer complained about her in April. The nature of the complaint was not reported.

The investigators suspect that the woman took money from her place of employment for approximately two years and deposited it into shell corporations that were under her name. The authorities believe that she then used this money to buy two luxury vehicles, rent an upscale residence and buy expensive furnishings for her residence. Many of these properties were seized during a search of her home. She was taken to the Brevard County Jail under a $940,000 bond.

The woman’s apparent desire to live a more upscale existence does not, in and of itself, prove that she is guilty of embezzlement. In her criminal defense, she will likely want to make sure that the complaint her employer supposedly file against her is scrutinized. Florida prosecutors have the burden of establishing all of the elements of the specific crimes charged, by evidence that meets the stringent requirements of our criminal justice system. The woman’s defense team will likely focus on the evidence that the government seeks to use against her in court in order to prepare appropriate legal challenges and protect her interests at every stage of the coming proceedings.

Source: The Orlando Sentinel, “Agents: Woman stole $650,000, bought Audis“, Kevin P. Connolly, May 1, 2014