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Florida woman forced to pay child support for her granddaughter

Many grandparents love to dote on their grandchildren. They typically provide unconditional love and emotional support. However, a woman in Florida is questioning whether she should be required by the court to be financially responsible for her granddaughter. She is now seeking reimbursement for child support garnished from her wages.

The child at the center of the case was born in Dec. 2012 to the woman’s son, who was a minor at the time. In July 2013, she claims she was court-ordered to pay child support for the girl, as her son was a minor. She has continued to make these payments, even though her son turned 18 in January. She says that she has paid almost $2,000 this year for support for the child.

A representative from the Department of Revenue states that Florida has no statute that would legally require a grandparent to provide financial support for a grandchild. However, a different spokesperson claims that statutes give the court authority to issue a support order, and the parent or guardian of a minor might be involved. Nevertheless, the grandmother in this case says there is no legal paperwork to support the continued garnishment of her wages since her son has turned 18. Her son claims that he is currently seeking employment and wants to be able to support his daughter; however, he says that he has not seen her in two months and does not know where she currently lives.

While the Florida woman claims she was told there would be a stop to withholding child support payments from her paycheck, the woman is still seeking reimbursement. Unfortunately, a person confronting this type of situation may find themselves unable to fully address their problems due to lack of experience with the family court and the laws and statutes involved. Many people have found it helpful to seek professional guidance in addressing these important issues.

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