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Florida woman who fired “warning shot” at husband gets new trial

A 32-year-old lady was provided a brand-new trial in connection with a domestic occurrence that later on got prevalent publicity in the wake of the Trayvon Martin case. The lady had supposedly fired a ‘warning shot” into a wall in their kitchen area due to the fact that her husband was moving to her in a threatening way. The argument took place in August 2010 while the couple’s 2 children were in their home with them.

The guy had actually previously been pronounced guilty of a domestic violence charge against her and was subject to an active limiting order. However, prosecutors in her case alleged that because her children were in the living-room of her home when she fired the gun, she jeopardized them. Despite the fact that no one was hurt in the weapon firing, under Florida’s obligatory minimum sentencing guidelines the lady was sentenced to 20 years in prison in spite of the proof that the lady was a domestic violence victim. The jury had only taken 12 minutes to convict her of 3 counts of intensified assault with a lethal weapon.

A state appeals court ruled that the lady deserved a new trial because the judge in the first trial failed to properly instruct the jury about her claim of self-defense. According to the appellate court, the high court judge made a basic mistake when he instructed the jury that the lady needed to prove self-defense past an affordable doubt, when under Florida law she really just had to raise reasonable doubt concerning self-defense.

Domestic violence sufferers might want to seek advice from an attorney who is experienced in handling these types of disputes. Such a lawyer may have the ability to advise pursuing certain available solutions, such as temporary restraining and various other safety orders.

Source: Reuters’, “Florida lady imprisoned for firing ‘alerting shot’ at hubby wins brand-new trial“, Expense Cotterell, September 26, 2013