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Former partner awarded visitation, no support due

A state Court of Appeals recently bought a woman to return the child support payments she had received from her previous partner pursuant to a previous court order. The payments will be returned because the lady’s partner is not a biological or legal moms and dad to the kid. The scenario arose when the 2 women were in a relationship years ago and chose to have a child. Among them, who currently has full custody, is the biological mother. The various other woman never embraced the child and they were not married at the time of the birth, so she has no legal ties.

However, the 2 raised the kid together for eight years from her birth up until they broke up. Because of this, the court asserted that the lady who is not the mom ought to still have visitation rights.

As is often the case in complicated cases like this one, the leading aspects consisted of pertinent state family law as well as the finest interests of the kid. According to the decision, the child’s finest interests would be served by keeping a relationship with the other female, and so the court awarded her recurring visitation rights regardless of the mom’s attempts to withdraw those rights.

It might look like a weird situation to even offer to pay kid support when one has no genuine legal obligation to begin with, however this case offers insight into the different ways that people view family and the moral and psychological considerations at play in custody and support cases.

Source: Diary Guard, “Court says no child support due in split of same-sex couple,” Bruce Vielmetti, Sept. 6, 2013.