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Getting a copycat divorce is common, research shows

Sometimes people in Florida hesitate to get divorced because they are afraid of the unknown. They are leery about hurting their children or transitioning to single living. However, getting a divorce might be a couple’s only option if they can’t seem to live and work together effectively. Research shows that getting a divorce can actually be contagious, much like catching the flu.

Getting a “copycat divorce” is actually common, with one’s chance of getting divorced being 75 percent higher if one has friends who are divorced. This is because after people see that their friends have made it through divorce okay, they feel more confident about being able to handle a divorce proceeding themselves. In addition, divorced friends provide a helpful support group for a person who decides to dissolve his or her marriage.

A copycat divorce can be good if a person truly desires to get divorced but just needs reassurance and courage. However, a copycat divorce can be negative if one person is divorcing simply due to peer pressure. When splitting up from a marital partner, it is important that a person do this for himself or herself, not for those around the individual.

Even though getting a divorce typically isn’t viewed as a fun experience, it can be a liberating experience if a person can’t reconcile with a spouse. Mastering an understanding of the law can enable a person to navigate the financial complexities of divorce while he or she is also trying to emotionally process the event. Proper legal guidance in Florida may help the individual to claim his or her fair share of marital assets and thus move on from the marriage as financially stable as possible.

Source: New York Post, “How getting divorced can be contagious“, Annie Daly, July 5, 2014