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Health care law may help those who wish to get Florida divorce

People who are unhappy in a marriage choose to stay in the marriage for a variety of reasons. For instance, they might want to stay with their partners for the sake of the kids, or they simply may not have the courage to be single again following a divorce in Florida. However, researchers say that staying with one’s spouse simply for the health insurance may no longer be a concern, thanks to America’s new health care law.

With the Affordable Care Act under way, more people are looking outside of their spouses’ health insurance plans for other options. They can explore other plans available through the marketplace and no longer have to worry about preexisting conditions. As a result, people now can ditch the idea of staying married solely for the purpose of continuing to benefit from their spouses’ insurance.

In previous times, the two divorcing parties would actually use health insurance as a negotiating tool. For example, one person may have been willing to give up alimony or a portion of assets just to get health insurance. Staying married used to be one of the best options for maintaining health insurance, particularly for those who suffered serious illnesses.

When going into a divorce, both parties naturally might have an idea of how they want to split assets or divide shared property. If they can see eye-to-eye and are willing to engage in give-and-take in order to reach a solution that appeases both of them, the proceeding may go more smoothly than expected. However, oftentimes, this is not the case. Further court intrusion may be necessary in order to reach a final settlement in Florida.

Source:, Insurance no longer may hinder divorce, Robert Calandra, March 2, 2014