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Health insurance can be a concern for domestic violence victims

Domestic violence is often a silent problem occurring behind the closed doors of a Florida home. Victims of domestic violence often see no way out. They fear for their safety, their financial well-being, and their ability to take care of themselves. A recent change in tax laws may make it possible for domestic violence victims to qualify for health insurance subsidies, thus making health insurance a possibility as they begin their new lives.

Previously, these subsidies were only available to taxpayers filing jointly. The regulations were then modified to allow for the individual filing as head of household to claim them. The problem with both of these regulations is that many victims of domestic violence are unable to file jointly or even as head of household. Neither of these regulations provided an option for such a victim to benefit from the subsidies without unnecessary contact with the allegedly abusive spouse.

The IRS has recently modified their regulations to take these issues into consideration. Under these new changes, the victim of domestic violence can qualify for these subsidies by filing as married but filing separately. This may not seem like a major change in tax law; however, it is an important change to those victims of domestic violence.

Many victims of domestic violence are uncertain as to how to begin their new life. In addition to establishing a new household, there are numerous other concerns to be addressed. Health insurance is only one of these concerns. However, with this change in tax regulations, perhaps more Florida domestic violence victims will realize that they can take care of themselves. A good first step is to contact experts to help determine how to proceed with their future.

Source:, “Tax change helps abused spouses get health insurance subsidies“, Michelle Andrews, March 28, 2014