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International child custody case ends with mother’s arrest

It is not uncommon for two parents to have different parenting styles. To be successful, parents must learn to merge their two styles or come to a compromise. Parents who are unable to do this may find that co-parenting their children can be stressful. However, despite the conflict between parents, people in Florida who ignore a court order regarding child custody can face serious consequences, just as one out-of-state woman has recently discovered.

The 32-year-old woman gave birth to two children, by two different fathers, in the United States. She was apparently allowed to take the children to her native country, but failed to return by a pre-arranged date. At that time, a court found that she was violating the children’s fathers’ parental rights.

Eventually, an arrest warrant was issued that charged her with child detention. Additional charges were soon added, and full custody was given to the father of each child. The woman was recently tracked down in Paris, where she was taken into custody by French officials and thereafter returned to the United States. The children have since been reunited with their fathers, and the woman is awaiting prosecution.

It is understandable that one parent may not be able to see eye-to-eye with the other. However, failure to fulfill the requirements of a child custody order could have serious consequences for those in Florida and across the country. The woman in this case has now lost custody of her children and faces imprisonment. According to the State Department, there are approximately 800 abductions each year that involve a parent taking their child out of the country.

Source: Reuters, “Mother in high-profile international custody fight returned to U.S“, Dana Feldman, April 11, 2014