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Is it possible to ‘catch’ the divorce bug?

A social sensation has actually been determined, and it may come as no shock to a lot of Florida readers. Analysts have actually determined that when pals or relative separation, those closest to them may be more most likely to end their own marital relationships. This suggests that it could be possible to “catch” the divorce bug, in the exact same way that the common cold is infectious.

In making this finding, analysts took a look at separation data covering 3 decades. Within that data, it was found that partners who had a buddy who was divorced were 75 percent most likely to declare their own divorce than those whose buddies were wed or single. This recommends that when those closest to us experience completion of a marriage, we may start to question our own unions.

This spread of ideas and behaviors in between close companions or relative is known within the social sciences as “social contagion.” The exact same principle is frequently used to describe why brother or sisters are more likely to have an infant when their bro or sis just recently broadened their own household. It seems as if being in close proximity to a significant life occasion triggers us to concentrate on how such a modification would impact our own lives.

In matters of marriage and divorce, the experiences of our buddies and household might play a larger duty in our own choices than formerly thought. For numerous in Florida, seeing someone close weather these kinds of life modifications might exemplify that separation is a viable option. This can be simply the motivation required for those who were already thinking about submitting for divorce.

Source: Pew Research Center, Is separation contagious?, Rich Morin, Oct. 21, 2013