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Jason Patric makes donation to family law nonprofit group

Florida residents may be interested in the recent donation made by actor Jason Patric to a non-profit family law center that benefits low-income families. The Levitt Quinn Family Law Center in California helps low-income parents acquire representation for family law cases involving matters such as parental rights. A representative for the center said that more than half of California’s children will be involved in a family law dispute at some point. The representative added that more than 80 percent of the parents in those cases will not have representation.

The actor has his own experience with child custody disputes. He is currently engaged in a dispute with his ex-girlfriend over custody of their four-year-old son. Mr. Patric claims that he has not seen the boy in 62 weeks because the boy’s mother has denied him visitation. The boy’s mother claims that she and Mr. Patric initially agreed that he would only be a sperm donor and would thus not have any further involvement. On the other hand, the actor believes that he has acted as the boy’s father in every aspect of his life. He has appealed a lower court ruling that denied him custody, and it is scheduled to be heard on March 8.

Patric has lobbied for a new law that would allow visitation for sperm donors. The proposal has received some opposition from members of the gay and lesbian community who are concerned that a sperm donor could interfere with the child’s upbringing.

The issue of fathers’ rights is an emerging and evolving one, and it encompasses not just paternity and custody matters but instances in which a birth mother places a child for adoption without the knowledge of the biological father. An attorney with experience in family law can provide advice and counsel to a father on these types of disputes.

Source: KABC, “Actor Jason Patric donates $100K to family law center“, Miriam Hernandez , April 25, 2014