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Man accused of first-degree murder at house party

One man was recently killed in Sarasota, and one man is now in police custody for his supposed involvement. The 19-year-old Florida victim was discovered with a fatal gunshot wound in his chest. Now, a 20-year-old is accused of committing the crime, and he has been formally charged with first-degree murder.

According to neighbors, there was a house party at a residence in Sarasota that lasted until the early morning hours. One neighbor claims that at about 4 a.m., she heard multiple gunshots fired at the party. Some neighbors had actually called the local police to the residence earlier in the night on noise complaints. Later, the police had to be called again to investigate the gunshots.

When they arrived at the home, the police claim that they found the victim lying in the driveway, and he had already died from his wound. The investigators reportedly have not hypothesized a motive for the shooting; however, they arrested the 20-year-old and charged him with murder. As of right now, his possible relationship with the victim is unclear. The authorities are still investigating the fatal shooting incident.

When a young person loses his or her life in an act of violence, it is a tragedy. However, in order to prove that the accused individual actually committed the murder, sufficient evidence will need to be found and presented in a Florida court. As the investigation continues, it is possible that evidence will be found that could work in favor of the accused man’s defense. It is his legal right to use that evidence to his advantage as he attempts to defend against his accusations in court.

Source:, “Arrest made in Sarasota teen’s shooting death“, Mark Rivera, July 28, 2014