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Man arrested for missed child support payments

The vast majority of parents can testify to the fact that raising a child is expensive. The simple basics of child rearing, including food and housing, require a significant financial investment. Additionally, many children are involved in after school sports that require additional fees and uniforms, not to mention school supplies and field trips. Many families also need to pay for childcare while they work. Because of the expense involved, many people in Florida who fail to make court-ordered child support payments could find themselves facing a variety of different of penalties.

Unfortunately, one out-of-state man knows this from first-hand experience. The 41-year-old man apparently missed a court date regarding child support. He is allegedly $190,000 behind on payments. After this missed hearing, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

The man apparently learned about the warrant after being contacted by the sheriff’s department. He eventually turned himself in and bail has been set. He is scheduled to appear in court again at the end of June.

While Florida parents know the expense of raising a child, some may find themselves facing unexpected complications, including a substantial change in circumstances brought on by a lost job or illness, that may prevent them from being able to meet their financial obligations, including child support payments. For those in this situation, it may be best to openly communicate their concerns with the court as well as the other parent. Failure to do so could result in serious penalties, including imprisonment. Additional penalties could include wage garnishment and/or loss of license, among others.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Man owing 190K in child support surrenders to police“, Deanese Williams-Harris, June 20, 2014