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Man forced to pay child support for someone else’s child

Many fathers dote on their children. They ensure that their child’s emotional and financial needs are met, even if they are no longer in a romantic relationship with the child’s other parent. On the other hand, some parents refuse to fulfill their parental responsibilities, even if that responsibility is simply making monthly child support payments. Agencies in Florida and across the country work to ensure that children receive the support they deserve. Unfortunately, one out-of-state man claims that the government is attempting to force him to make child support payments for a child that is not his.

The child at the center of the case is now a 37-year-old adult. When the state first contacted the man and demanded child support, he explained that the child was not his. Even though the state normally pays for testing when paternity is questioned, he says he paid the bill for the test himself. The test was conducted at the same facility that the state uses, and he claims he forwarded the results, showing he was not the father, to both the attorney general and the Child Support Enforcement Agency.

Unfortunately, this did not end the state of Hawaii’s attempts to extract payments from him, including placing liens on his property and preventing him from obtaining a passport. He has now been ordered to pay approximately $24,000 in back payments. A representative for the agency claims that they simply enforce court orders — they do not determine child support or paternity, and that any demand for payment was a result of a judgment obtained in court.

This situation would be frustrating for anyone. It may be necessary to secure advice concerning applicable state laws, as it may require a court order to fully and legally end claims to child support. While parents in Florida may simply want the best for their children, it is understandably devastating to face the consequences of failing to make child support payments for someone else’s child.

Source:, “Big Island man living through child support nightmare“, Marisa Yamane, May 20, 2014